Customized aluminium front-panels

Processing even 1-piece orders!


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What is it QuickPanel?

QuickPanel is an answer to your question:
"Where can I order an aluminium front-panel (e.g. for my Hi-Fi amplifier) manufactured in professional quality for reasonable price?"

How does it work?

After downloading a simple-to-use CAD program from this web page, you can design your front panel in few steps, get an instant price quotation and send your order in just 1 click (if you wish).


Intuitive and modern software provided for free

Our powerfull and easy-to-use CAD software makes it very easy to design your panel.

All-in-one application

This CAD program provides you with all the tools needed for designing your front-panel, instant and detailed pricing of your product and finally the ordering process is just 1 click away.

What makes us special

Our panels are manufactured before surface treatment (i.e. anodising). This is very time- and money-consuming process but for our customers it means that holes, pockets and sides of the panel have the same color as the surface of the panel. And we bet you will hardly find somebody/anybody else on the market doing it this way for that price ;-)
We can make panels with thickness up to 10 mm !


What about cooperation?

If you are company with CNC milling machine and you would like to make panels for your local customers, we can cooperate!
QuickPanel can send you complete ready-to-run CNC programs (suitable for your machine) and you can start making panels for your customers right away !
No need for expensive programming, just load program to your machine and run it !
Contact us today and we will find a solution for you.