Frequently asked questions and information you should read before sending an order.

General questions

What's your precision?
We are manufacturing in tolerances +/- 0,05mm as a standard. If you need better precision, contact us please and we will find a way how to satisfy your needs.
What if I need some precise holes / pockets on my panel?
Usually we make holes and pockets 0,05mm bigger. It means that a pocket of size 20 x 20mm will be sent to the machine as 20,05 x 20,05mm. Keep this in your mind, if you have some holes on your panel which need to be as precise as possible. Easiest way is to modify your hole/pocket so it is 0,05mm smaller and you have a good chance to have it precise. But we can't guarantee your hole will be exactly 20.00mm anyway. Especially if you order panel with surface anodised.
Quality of panel surfaces
We do our best to pick sheet metal with the best quality available. Front surface is protected by foil during the transport from our supplier to us. However we can't guarantee perfect surface without any imperfection. Although usually the surface is 100% OK and any imperfections are visible only from very small distance. What we are not checking is the back-side surface. Some scratches may be present on this surface.
Milled surface quality (pockets)
Thanks to high speed milling, all milled surfaces are in high quality. But you should be aware that bottom surfaces of pockets may contain traces after milling tool. It's not possible to remove these traces by anodising the panel or by grinding, while these surfaces are below the panel surface. Traces are rectangular (in rectangular pocket) and circular in circular pocket.
What is maximum depth of blind threads?
Maximum depth of the blind thread recommended is :
It means that for panel thickness of 5mm it is 4mm maximum depth. If depth is more, we can't guarantee that other side of the panel will not be affected by the thread (small bump or different shade of the anodising).
Quality of anodising
Anodising is a surface treatment technology which ensures harder surface, prevents oxidation of panel and allows coloring the surface. During anodising, the panel must hang in the anodising bath. Panel hangs on some kind of thin wires. It means there will be two small (almost invisible) dots on the edge of holes selected for hanging the panel. Usually they hang it using holes with countersink for screw heads so these marks will not be visible after assembling. If you require panel without any visible marks, please read question "How to make anodising as perfect as possible?".
How to make anodising as perfect as possible?
If you want to have your panel anodised without any visible marks due to clamping technology of anodising, you can do it this way:
Add two blind threads to the backside of your panel. These threads must be size M3 and they will be used for hanging the panel in anodising bath. Threads should be placed at opposite ends of the panel. Maximum depth of such thread is PANEL THICKNESS minus 1.5mm. This strategy is available only for panel thickness 3mm and more! After you send an order for such panel, you must write us an email about these threads so we can inform anodising company.
For panels less than 3mm thick you can inform us, which holes you prefer for hanging in the anodising bath.
What kind of material do you process?
We mill only aluminium.
What are delivery dates?
If you don't want to anodise your panel, it's about 1-2 weeks. If anodising is required, it will be 4-6 weeks. This is caused by our special technology when we anodise panels AFTER machining. On one hand it takes longer but on the other hand you will get your panel with all surface anodised. All pockets, all around, everything.

Working with QuickPanel software

I have my panel already designed in other software. Do I need to redraw it in QuickPanel?
Unfortunately yes. The good news is that designing your panel in QuickPanel software is a matter of few minutes. With the help of couple of keyboard shortcuts you can do it within 5 minutes from scratch. If your panel is too complicated or you don't have time to do it, send it over to us and we may help you along. When sending your drawings to us, we prefer DXF files.
Can I import my DXF drawing into the QuickPanel?
No, not yet. What you can do is to export your panel to the DXF file.
How to copy some holes/pockets if CTRL+C and CTRL+V doesn't work?
It is possible. Please select what you want to copy, click right mouse button and choose "Clone..."
How do I zoom to particular place on the panel?
For zooming for more details, please use scrolling wheel of your mouse. Or press F4 to unzoom and see whole your panel.
Is it possible to pan the view around while zoomed to some location of my panel?
Yes, sure! Press the middle button of your mouse and drag...
What is it "combo" hole?
It's just a group of holes or other features like pockets or engravings. By creating combo hole (or grouping more features into one combo) you can move these features around while keeping their relative position unchanged.
You can create combo by selecting all features you want to group and pressing CTRL+G. Or using the right click popup menu.
Is it possible to save "combo hole" to the separate file on disk for future use?
Yes, sure! Select all the features you want to have saved as a combo and from the menu FILE click on SAVE COMBO.

Panel material

Do you make panels with brushed surface?
No, not yet. But we can sand-blast your panel making surface to look very smooth and satin-like. It is very fine sand blasting.
Can I send you some my parts for anodical oxidation?
We can not do this for logistic and technological reasons.
Is it possible to send you my panel (which is already anodized), you will mill some holes and anodize it again?
Yes it is. But keep in mind that before new anodizing we have to remove existing anodizing and therefore panel goes to the strong acid which removes few hundreths of milimeter from the surface and your panel gets little bit smaller (and all holes little bit bigger). As this is not included in standard price quotation, please contact us to get customized price for you.
Do you make also panels with thickness not listed in QuickPanel software?
Yes, it is possible but you need to supply the material. For this case please check "I will supply the material" in the panel settings. Panel must not be steel. There is an extra fee for processing your own material.
May I send you my own panel/material?
Yes, but in this case you need to check "I will supply the material". On the supplied material you have to label which side is the front side (side A). Panel must not be made of steel. There is an extra fee for processing customer supplied material.
Is the anodical oxidation included in the price if I send you my own material?
No. With customer supplied material we suppose the maetrial is already in final surface-state. If you want your material to be anodized, please contact us and we will calculate special price offer for you.
Will you not damage the panel (specially it's front side) while milling?
No, don't worry about that. We handle panels with care and during machining they are fixed on the vacuum table and that means they will be not damaged even on sides (marks of the mechanical vice etc.)
Where should I send my material?
We will send you postal address upon your request. But please keep in mind that the parcel needs to be properly labeled as "QuickPanel" and the number of your order. Each and every panel must be labeled with it's own name (as you saved your panel file) and front surface must be labeled as "Side A".

Text labels on the panel

Is the engraved text well visible?
Our panels are engraved after anodical oxidation and therefore an engraving is very well visible specially on the black anodized panel. Engraving on the raw or silver anodized panel is less visible.
Is it possible to have some other font with my engraved labels?
Yes, it is. If you import your labels from the HPGL / PLT file, you can have engraving of any shape. It can be not only labels, but also logos and graphics.
I need to engrave my logo. How to do that?
There is an option to import HPGL / PLT files into QuickPanel software. Just click on the ENGRAVING icon and then choose IMPORTED VECTORS tab.
Will the engraved text look exactly the same as I can see it in the software?
Engraved text will be 99% the same as you can see it on the screen. Small differences may occur in total text width. But here we talk about few tenths of milimeter.
Do you fill texts with color?
Not yet, but it is in our to-do list.
How deep goes the engraving?
By default it's approximately 0.1-0.2 mm .